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Serfass Construction is committed to creating an environment that places the highest value on employee safety.  Employees at all levels receive the proper training, education, and tools necessary to perform their duties in a safe manner.   By taking this proactive approach we are able to empower employees to take a hands-on role in maintaining and improving our safety program. We are proud to have been able to maintain a very low Experience Modification Ratio (EMR) .780 as evidence of our on-going commitment to safety. 



We are continuously working to maintain zero accident job sites because we firmly believe a successful project is a safe project.

ZERO, the only acceptable goal.

Our view, Safety Planning Starts Day 1. 

Outstanding commercial construction safety performance isn’t a fluke. Our formal, proactive safety program is actively managed by a trained and dedicated staff of safety professionals. We provide mentorship and guidance to effectively plan and perform work safely and then hold ourselves and our trade partners accountable for this safety performance. Key elements of our approach include:

  • Detailed Serfass Safety Guidelines provide the highest level of loss control

  • Focus on pre-planning identifies and minimize potential hazards before they become a safety issue

  • Accountability approach to Training ensures all team members develop and maintain the skills required to perform work safely

Serfass Construction - 2020 EMR


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