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At Serfass Construction we are utilizing the latest software to drive productivity and increase quality.  The efficiencies result in reduced cost, increased value, and time savings for the owner.


-Building information modeling (BIM) allows us to virtually build a model of the building before a shovel hits the ground.  By doing this we can identify conflicts before they arise in the field.


  • We utilize SiteOps to optimize sitework design.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars often get buried into sitework due to poor design.  By using this software we can adjust building grades by inches and in real time see cut/fill calculations or adjust parking to resize an infiltration bed.

pushing it into the field.

Our competition stops technology at the office, we are

  • Our trailers are outfitted with flat screens, and our staff’s iPads are outfitted with Bluebeam.  We strive to make our field offices paperless.  All drawings are kept on a shared drive in the cloud for our own and our subs access.  What this guarantees is that everyone is working on the latest drawings.



With our superintendent connected in the field they can get feedback in real time.  If a questions comes up, they can take a picture of the situation, mark up the drawing on their iPad, and send it directly to the architect for a quick and clear response.


Cost savings, efficiency, increased quality… This is what it means to be...

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